Sunthara Murthi Anamalai begins his 5-month secondment in UPC

Sunthara Murthi Anamalai (USM, Malaysia), a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Siti Hawa Ngalim, has just arrived to Dr. Carles Mas-Moruno laboratories (BBT-UPC, Spain) for a five-month secondment in Barcelona.

Bio-Tune Early Stage Researcher Sunthara Murthi Anamalai (supervised by Dr. Siti Hawa Ngalim,USM, Malaysia) has just began her 5-month secondment at the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Research Group (BBT-UPC, Spain), under the supervision of Dr. Carles Mas-Moruno.

He will work on the design and the synthesis of BMP 7 short peptide that may expedite the bone/osteogenic regeneration. In particular, he will try to optimize the synthesis and purification procedure of short peptide and will acquire know-how instrumental for his training as postgraduate. In addition, he will transfer the knowledge of the BMP 7 technology to the USM laboratory, to characterise cell adhesion and differentiation followed by determine parameters of the BMP7 peptidomimetic to enhance bone/osteogenic regeneration using stainless steel material.

Sunthara will be involved as an ESR at UPC for a 5-month period, from November 21st , 2022 to April 19th,