BBT-UPC welcomes UNSAM PhD student Julieta Werner

PhD student Julieta Werner (UNSAM, Argentina) joins Dr. Carles Mas-Moruno (BBT-UPC, Spain) for a 6 month secondment in his laboratories.

Bio-Tune Early Stage Researcher Julieta Werner (UNSAM, Argentina), a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Diego Pallarola, just arrived to Barcelona for her six-month seconment at the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Research Group (BBT-UPC, Spain), under the supervision of Dr. Carles-Mas Moruno.

Bacterial infections and incomplete biomaterial integration are major problems that can lead to the failure of medical implants. However, simultaneously addressing these two issues remains a challenge. During the secondment, Julieta Werner will combine immunomodulatory and antimicrobial peptide sequences to create a peptic platform with the ability to simultaneously promote bone tissue regeneration and prevent bacterial infections. Later, she will incorporate the peptidic platform on the surface of biomaterials and study the cell-material interactions in order to evaluate its osteogenic and antibacterial potential.

The secondment will go from February 2nd to August 3rd.