Betania García and her 6-month secondment in Bristol

PhD student Betania García (UNSAM, Argentina) has traveled to Bristol (UK) for her final secondment at Prof. Bo Su's labs at the University of Bristol.

Returning to the University of Bristol (UK) for her second and final secondment, Betania García (UNSAM, Argentina) has just began a new 6-month research term at the BioMEG Lab, supervised by Dr. Bo Su at the Dental School. A PhD student under Diego Pallarola (UNSAM, Argentina), Betania's focus is on fabricating nanostructures for implant surfaces to prevent bacterial infections.

This time, the proposed manufacturing involves creating titanium oxide nanowires and nanoflakes on titanium substrates, along with modifications to enhance the conduction properties of titanium oxide. The goal is to ensure that resulting conductive nanostructures can be effectively utilized in biosensing via electrochemistry, without the resistive or capacitive component of titanium oxide posing any impediment and while preserving the nanostructure.

Her secondment is scheduled from December 1st to May 31st.