Lluis Oliver travels to Malaysia for a 2-month secondment

PhD student Lluis Oliver (UPC, Spain) has just traveled to Dr. Siti H. Ngalims laboratories (USM, Malaysia) for a two-month secondment.

Bio-Tune Early Stage Researcher Lluis Oliver (BBT-UPC, Spain) has just began his 2-month seconment at the Advanced Medical and Dental Institute (AMDI) - University Sans Malaysia (USM, Malaysia), under the supervision of Dr. Siti H. Ngalim.

The objective of the secondment is to study cell-material interactions on surfaces modified with biomolecules (peptides) that are able to stimulate cell receptors. In particular, such peptides simultaneously promote cell adhesion and bone regeneration in a synergistic manner. The novelty of the project is the possibility of controlling at the nanoscale the density and the spatial disposition of these peptides on the fabricated surfaces to further evaluate how these parameters affect cell response

The PhD student will stay at the AMDI-USM laboratories from January 25th to March 29th, 2022, both included.