PhD student Ana L. Tohmé joins Dr. Ada Cavalcanti-Adam's lab in Max Plank

PhD student Ana Laura Tohmé (UNSAM, Argentina) has traveled to Max Planck Institute (Stuttgart / Heidelberg, Germany) for a three-month secondment at Dr. Ada Cavalcanti-Adam's laboratories.

Bio-Tune Early Stage Researcher Ana L. Tohmé (UNSAM, Argentina) has just arrived to Germany for her three-month seconment at Max Planck Institute (Stuttgart / Heidelberg, Germany), under the supervision of Dr. Ada Cavalcanti-Adam.

During her secondment, Ana will focus on the fabrication of nanostructured microelectrodes to study cell adhesion and differentiation. At Max Planck, she will be instructed in the photolithography techniques to create a precise array of microelectrodes on glass substrates. She also will be trained in the synthesis of nanostructured surfaces by block copolymer micelle nanolithography (BCML), which she will employ to deposit a controlled arrangement of gold nanoparticles on the microelectrodes.

Ana , a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Diego Pallarola (UNSAM, Argentina), will stay at Max Planck laboratories from June 15th to September 12th, 2023, both included.