Bio-TUNE resumes its secondments

We are happy to announce that Bio-TUNE project has resumed its secondments. A PhD student from UNSAM (Argentina) will join Dr. Roberto Spurio's Lab in UNICAM (Italy) to continue with the tasks described in the project.

The Bio-Tune Early Stage Researcher Alejandra Ross Beraldi (UNSAM) will be hosted at the University of Camerino (UNICAM) for three months to develop three specific activities:

a) Screening a set of 50 microorganisms of the Culture Collection available at the Laboratory of Genetics in UNICAM, to identify antibiotic producer bacteria active against the bacterial pathogen S. aureus;

b) Purify the active secondary metabolites by chromatographic techniques;

c) Determine the MIC (minimal inhibitory concentration) of the purified antimicrobial molecules for a panel of ten multidrug resistant S. aureus isolates.

Dr. Roberto Spurio (UNICAM) will supervise the scientific activities of the PhD student, in collaboration with all the staff members of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics of UNICAM.