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The Mid-Term Meeting of Bio-TUNE, a success

The Mid-Term Meeting of the Bio-TUNE project was a hybrid event which took place on the 7-8th July, 2022, at the Barcelona East School of Engineering (EEBE), Barcelona (Spain), with the attendance of PIs, secondees, managerial staff and the Project Officer of the Project.
The Mid-Term Meeting of Bio-TUNE, a success

The Bio-TUNE Mid-TERM meeting took place on the 07-08th July 2022 in Barcelona (Spain) in a hybrid format.

Members from all 10 participating institutions, including PIs, managerial staff and secondees, as well as the Project Officer (PO) , Nicoleta Petre, were present and able to contribute with valuable input regarding the overall of the project, the different objectives, tasks, secondments, deliverables and challenges.

Throughout the first day of the meeting, beneficiaries and partners shared the evolution of the project in terms of scientific work, deliverables, milestones and secondments for each WP. A selection of secondees presented their work and experiences during their secondments in Europe, America and Asia. The PO had the opportunity to interview all secondees. And PIs of the project offered 4 scientific talks to close the day.

During day 2, financial aspects of the project were explained to all participatinc institutions, all partners and beneficiaries were reminded of the importance of the seconments, its elegibility and to keep proper track and documentation. Dissemination and communication actions were presented. The secondments plan was updated. Finally, the PO gave some reccommendations and suggestions for a successful development of the project.

The on-site attendants also had the opportunity to share some meals together and enjoy each-other company, since we had not been able to meet since our Kick-off Meeting, due to the COVID pandemic.